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Urgent Call for Action

July 2019

As follow up to our National Call for Action of August 2018, the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice (ACYCP) Advocacy Committee continues to be deeply alarmed by the current crisis experienced by immigrant children and youth on the United States/Mexico border. Excesses committed by the Border Security and ICE personnel, as well as the abhorrent inhumane conditions that families and children in ICE’s detention centers find themselves in (over-crowded cells, limited access to water, sanitation, hygiene supplies, etc.) are unacceptable. Staff of these detention centers need to recognize that they are in violation of children's rights and international standards.

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2019 Annual Youth Worker Conference Call for Sponsorship

Co-Presented by the WACYCP and ACRC 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cardinal Stritch University
Milwaukee, WI 

The Wisconsin Association of Child and Youth Care Professionals (WACYCP) and Association of Child Residential Centers (ACRC) are accepting sponsorships for the 2019 Annual Youth Care Conference. The all-day conference will be held on Tuesday June 11th at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, WI. The theme of this year’s conference is “Greater Together: Intentional Collaboration”. It is being co-presented by both the WACYCP and ACRC.

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An Invitation to Learn and Share as a Member of FICE

FICE, the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF EDUCATIVE COMMUNITIES is an organization which focuses upon high risk populations (residential care, group homes, and street children.) Members from many cultures collaborate to make our world a better place for children, adolescents, and families. Members are involved at the local, national, and international realms. Sharing resources, collaborative group projects and programs, and various exchanges are central to FICE achieving its goals. It is possible to be involved locally and nationally through social media. ACYCP-FICE members have presented at the FICE Congresses (conferences) with great success. A key focus of FICE is involvement of youth. Each Congress has a collaborative program with/for youth where their voices are heard. It is possible to be involved at the local and national levels via social media. We encourage you as an ACYCP-FICE member to learn about FICE through the web site link on the ACYCP web site: (www.inernationalfedeationofeducativecommunities)

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FICE 2016 Congress Award

Veronika Scharer and Katerina Simeonova, leaders of the FICE 2016 Congress planning committee, were presented certificates and a Journal from ACYCP to express for their excellent support, expertise, and availability in accommodating our USA participants.








Believing Does Not Make It So!

Moving from Faith to Facts in the Message of Our Work

Lorraine E. Fox, Ph.D.

In these days of “Outcome Based Funding” and “Evidence-Based Practice”, those of us working with wounded, discouraged, demoralized, and vulnerable young people are challenged to find a way to talk concretely about our work and the results of our work.

We know what our task is, and that is to engage with children, young people and families in ways that lead to healing and better lives for those who have been abused and neglected, as well as for those who have hurt them.  And one of the evidence-based facts of abuse is that many, if not most, of adults who hurt children were children who were hurt.  This would make the basic principles of intervention the same for both the children and their families.

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Urgent Call for Action

Call for Action:

ACYCP calls the US government to urgently ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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You Can Now Join ACYCP On-line!

Yes, we offer on-line registration and renewals with payment through PayPal.  To join ACYCP, follow the membership link.

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FICE 2017

The Journal of Child and Youth Care Work
Volume 25: Trauma Informed Practice

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