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ACYCP President's Award


The ACYCP Board President has historically honored individuals in the child and youth work field for a variety of accomplishments for the field.

Description and Criteria & Nomination Process

A variety of factors contribute to choosing a President’s Award recipient. Past award winners have been recognized for a variety of reasons for their service and contributions to the field of child and youth work.

There is not a formal nomination form. This award is at the discretion of the current ACYCP Board President.

Past Recipients

2019 ACYCP President's Awards
Presented to: Michael Mitchell (Wisconsin)
Presented to: Hector Sapien (Maine)

2018 ACYCP President’s Awards
Presented to: Dale Curry (Ohio) - In honor of service to CYCCB
Presented to: Frank Eckles (Texas) - In honor of service to CYCCB
Presented to: Dennis Felty (Pennsylvania) - In honor of service to FICE International

2017 ACYCP President's Awards
In honor of ACYCP’s 40th Anniversary, all former living Presidents were honored including:
Cubie Bragg
Norman Powell
Peter Rosenblatt
Dave Thomas
Chip Bonsutto
Jean Carpenter-Williams
Andy Schneider-Munoz

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