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Webinar with TOM WOLL

Sept 4, 2019 1:00 – 2:00 PM Central


Future Trends: The 10 top capacities and critical skill sets needed in the new world of child and youth worK

We all know that our field is changing. We can all see that the pace of change has quickened and that the severity of the needs we are being asked to address has increased considerably. How can we determine what we should be doing to respond to this rapid pace of change and to successfully adapt what we are doing to address this increase in the severity of the needs?

Tom Woll has been studying the changes in our field for the last ten years. He has conducted over 3,000 interviews with persons from across the country during the last decade. He has interviewed both public and private sector leaders, elected public officials, practitioners who are delivering services for us and youths and families who are receiving services from us.

He has asked them all to share their thoughts on where our field is going, what changes we will need to introduce to keep pace with the changes and what new skills and capacities we will need to develop to successfully address the increase in the severity of needs we are experiencing.

Tom has also studied the Families First Prevention Services Act. He has reviewed written and video interviews with those who wrote and with those who will be charged with implementing the Act. He has also interviewed 50 public and nonprofit leaders who have been actively engaged in preparing for the implementation of the Families First Prevention Services Act. It is Tom’s belief that the changes we are experiencing have been consistently unfolding since the passage of Welfare Reform in 1996.

This webinar will be a 45-minute summary of the results Tom has gathered over the last ten years followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

He believes that what we need to do to prepare for our future success is relatively clear. He has identified ten capacities and two critical skill-sets that we all will need to develop within our organizations if we want to successfully prepare for the service delivery world of 2022 and beyond. Tom will review these capacities and skill-sets during this webinar.

Tom Woll Brief Bio

Tom Woll was a leader in the Human Services field in Northeast Ohio for 38 years. He was responsible for Behavioral Health Services for Catholic Charities for 25 years. Then he undertook the challenge, on behalf of Catholic Charities, to oversee the merger of 21 Catholic Charities organizations and to work with them to form an integrated service delivery system for Northeast Ohio, covering 3,500 square miles.

He left his work with Catholic Charities in 2010 and established the Strategic Change Initiative. Under the framework of this Initiative, Tom has worked to help Human Service organizations to successfully prepare for the future. He has extensively interviewed public and nonprofit leaders, elected public officials, practitioners delivering services for us and youths and families receiving services from us from across the country to determine what we need to be doing to successfully prepare for the future. Tom has assisted 120 organizations in the development of their Strategic Plans.

For the last six years Tom has also served as the facilitator for the various Transformation Projects that have been undertaken under the auspices of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. In his work with the various Alliance Transformation Projects, Tom has assisted 65 organizations in their efforts to transform what they do and how they do what they do. Tom is also a Board Member of ACYCP.

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Transformational Change Project 

The Transformational Change Project is offered collaboratively by ACYCP and CYCCB to help organizations and their leaders identify what they need to do to transition their programs and develop a Transformation Plan that breaks the process into doable steps.

Expert support is offered during the early stages of implementing the Transformation Plan. This is provided by teleconference meetings over a 12 month period. Each organization will work with Tom Woll and other national consultants who offer knowledge of current trends in the field and successful strategies that will help organizations remain competitive as the field evolves.

The program costs $3,000. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Urgent Call for Action

Call for Action:

ACYCP calls the US government to urgently ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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