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The Mark Krueger Youth Worker Activities Fund

Mark-Krueger-bballFriend and colleague to youth and youth workers around the world, Mark Krueger believed in the power of the "rhythm and presence" of relationship.

To honor and continue the care he shared with all of us, we have established this fund to provide small mini grants to workers and youth as they spend time together playing basketball, enjoying the outdoors, writing poetry, traveling to other countries----all of the activities that Mark loved the most!

The fund will be guided by ACYCP board members and advisors including Andy Munoz, Karen Vander Ven, Keith Kozerski, Frank Eckles and John Korsmo.


Dr. Mark Krueger, Professor of Youth Work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a venerable and internationally respected and beloved practitioner, scholar, and leader in child and youth work has died. His career spanned more than 40 years and benefited not only  children and youth worldwide, but also the careers of child and youth workers who were empowered by his teaching, his leadership, his numerous writings, his advocacy, and his personal caring, compassion, creativity and modesty.  These qualities were infused in his numerous activities that embodied his focus on the interactive, dynamic and relational aspects of child and youth work establishing it as a crucial and unique human service.

Dr. Krueger held a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Master’s and Doctoral degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  His entrance into the field of child and youth work began in the late 1960s when he served over a period of eight years as a line child and youth care worker and supervisor at the  Lutheran Children’s Friend Society in Milwaukee.  This was followed by service as a child and youth care program coordinator and supervisor at Lakeside Children’s Center also in Milwaukee.

In 1979 Dr. Krueger founded the Child and Youth Work Learning Center (now the Youth Work Learning Center) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  The model of this Center, based on integrating theory and practice, became internationally recognized as an effective means of training and educating child and youth workers and advancing professionalization of the field.   Dr. Krueger for years served as Director of the Center and was still involved with it at the time of his death.  For some years he served as Interim Dean of the Division of Continuing Education which was the home of the Learning Center.

A talented and prolific writer, Dr. Krueger made a major contribution to the professional literature of the field.  He was the Founding Editor of the Journal of Child and Youth Care Work, a publication designed to give the field a distinct voice by encouraging direct line workers to contribute along with scholars.   He authored numerous widely disseminated books on various aspects of child and youth work, ranging from earlier works such as  Intervention Techniques for Child/Youth Care Workers, and From Careless to Caring for Troubled Youth  to more recent titles including Images of Thought: Presence, Place, Motion, Rhizomes, Lunch and Noise in Child and Youth Care and Sketching Youth, Self and Youth Work.   Because of their significance and implications for improving the care of vulnerable children and youth, a number of these books were published by the  Child Welfare League of America.

Later in his career Dr. Krueger wrote novels and short stories with a child and youth work flavor, including Floating, In Motion, and Buckets.  In addition he contributed dozens of shorter articles to the professional literature,  developed educational materials, and served on the Editorial Boards of a number of journals related to the field.

Dr. Krueger was active in many other professional organizations in child and youth work. In recent years he organized and hosted in Taos, New Mexico, a think tank meeting of leaders in the field.  Prior to that he organized many other professional gatherings, including an international conference in Milwaukee co-sponsored by the International Federation of Educative Communities (FICE).  He was Chair of the International Leadership Coalition for Child and Youth Care and served a term as President of the National Association of Child Care Workers (NOCCWA).

Because of his extensive knowledge, special viewpoints and ability to engage an audience, Dr. Krueger was invited to be the keynote speaker at numerous child and youth work conferences.  He consulted to child and youth work service agencies and educational institutions throughout North America.

His accomplishments were honored by numerous awards, including Distinguished Service awards from the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice (ACYCP) The National Association of Homes and Services for Children, and the Albert E. Trieschman Center.   The University of Wisconsin system recognized him with The UW Extension / Colleges Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to work preparing professionals to work with at-risk youth.

Despite his numerous academic and professional achievements, Dr. Krueger never lost the common touch and his identification with the challenges facing line child care workers.  Like many in the field , Dr. Krueger, fleet and graceful as a deer, was athletic and loved to play.  Many of his colleagues remember forgoing the formal lunch at a conference and going for a run with him instead, or engaging in a spirited game of pick-up basketball.

Prepared by Karen VanderVen, Professor Emerita, Department of Psychology in Education, University of Pittsburgh
October 6, 2014


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