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Global Youth Work

Global Youth WorkCYC-NET
ACYCP is proud to support the International Child and Youth Care Network (CYC-Net). Based in South Africa with a reach around the globe, CYC-Net promotes connections in our field and learning through the largest open-access library of Child and Youth Care writings in the world. CYC-Online is the monthly journal of CYC-Net and equips readers with a deeper understanding of the potential of young people and how to partner with them for success. Visit for more information, access to resources, or to support the work.

FICE USA & FICE International
A Global World requires Global Partners especially when it comes to the meeting the needs of young people. ACYCP has partnered with FICE USA  and FICE International for over ten years. FICE represents an international network uniting diverse nations through a common vision: to promote the highest standards of services for children and young people and to create positive environments for these children through carefully developed systems of care. Currently, FICE USA is partnering with UNICEF to support a UN resolution on the rights of children without parental care.
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