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ACYCP Child and Youth Care Life Achievement Award Nomination Form

As part of its strategy to professionalize the field of child and youth care work (CYC), the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice (ACYCP) is offering an exciting opportunity for members to nominate a colleague for their sustained contributions to the profession. The award consists of an attractive engraved plaque and a public announcement. You know your colleagues best, so we welcome your input and participation in the awarding and evolution of this award!

Brief History

Child and youth care pioneer and ACYCP co-founder, Mark Kruger, Ph.D., was in charge of giving the Life Achievement Award since the early 1970s. It has been sustained in recent years by Sister Madeleine Rybicki and professor Karen Vander Ven. It is not given every year and is considered to be very special to the field. It was designed to call special attention to CYC leaders who have been exceptional among their peers, in the development of the field of child and youth care work. This award is a salute and standing ovation for individuals who have always being there for the child and youth care profession. In the earliest days, the award was given to three pioneers who founded the CYC field Dr. Albert Trieschman, Dr. Henry Maier, and Dr. Karen Vander Ven. More recently the award was given to Dr. Andrew Schneider-Munoz, Sister Madeline Rybicki and Michael Mitchell, as leading professional practitioners with a lifelong commitment to child and youth care. Dr. Munoz helped to found the ACYCP Youth Work Certification, Sr. Rybicki is one of the nation's leading trainers and served as the President of the Academy of Child and Youth Care, and Michael Mitchell is Past President of the Wisconsin Association of Child and Youth Care Practitioners (WACYCP), a regional, national and global force for youth worker professional development.

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominators MUST be current ACYCP members, however, nominees DO NOT need to be ACYCP members
  • Nominators may consist of more than one person, but at least one nominator MUST be an ACYCP member
  • Nominees do not have to be currently employed and may be retired, but not deceased
  • Nominators may submit more than one nomination, but on separate nomination forms
  • Nominees may come from any area of the broad child and youth care field
  • Nominees may come from any level of practice (ex. direct care, research, administration, supervision, etc.)
  • Nominees may reside or practice in any part of the world
  • Finalist nominations are reviewed and a winner selected by the ACYCP Board of Directors
  • Nomination forms are coordinated by the ACYCP Membership Committee
  • Winners are only eligible for one award
  • Nominees hereby consent to their nomination and any related publicity
  • Nominator(s) hereby consent to any publicity related to their nomination submission(s)
  • Award finalists will be notified prior to the selection of a winner

Award Criteria
Nominations, with supporting documentation, will be evaluated on the following basis:

  • What CYC organizations has the nominee been a member of?
  • Has the nominee served on any CYC boards?
  • What positions has the nominee held during their CYC career?
  • Has the nominee been involved in any CYC mentoring activities?
  • Has the nominee been involved in research, training or program development and/or promotion?
  • Has the nominee been directly involved in CYC training venues?
  • Has the nominee contributed towards the advancement of CYC certification?
  • Has the nominee advocated for, or otherwise advanced, the welfare of CYC workers?

This is an excellent way to demonstrate recognition and appreciation for a wide range of service, leadership and experience not always readily recognized in day-to-day CYC job performance. The more objective supporting evidence and material you can provide the better. Supporting documentation may be attached to this form (reproductions ONLY). If you want someone to know just how much you appreciate and recognize their contributions and achievements, then just download and complete this form. Then send it to the Membership Committee Chair, Michael Mitchell, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (608) 846-2860. Or you can hard copy it and mail to: Jody Rhodes, ACYCP, at P.O. Box 510423, Milwaukee, WI 53203.

Follow this link to download the form in PDF format; otherwise, please continue to fill-out the online form.

Please Elect Your Nominee
Please Enter Nominator(s) Information
Nominator's Statement
Nominator(s) Statement: (Why are you nominating this person? Attach additional pages or supporting documents- reproductions only-as desired, see Criteria above.)
Attach Narrative if Necessary
Please attach a narrative of why this person should be awarded this particular award. Please limit to one page maximum, double-spaced.

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